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We now have a case from Maryland with some merit.
Tracy Fair has worked systematically and diligently to prepare a case that she may take all the way to the Supreme Court. It may seem hopeless. However, as long as some court is willing to listen, as long as someone is willing to work, as long as we have the freedom to pursue justice, we must keep trying.

Please review Tracy's hard work. She has systematically built her case.

And she has found a way to move this case forward for less than $3000. Not hundreds of thousands, but just $2200. Follow this link to help her:


Terry Lakin Tells His Story: Introduction to Videos

Terry is interviewed by Jim Bridge of Hear Us Now USA, an new issues-based media organization. (Note: This is NOT Terry's House in case you were wondering.)

Jim Bridge, of Hear Us Now USA, has created five videos of Terry's story. Please read the introduction below and  watch all five videos.

A few weeks ago I had lunch with Terry in Bel Air, Maryland, at the Open Door Cafe. It is a favorite spot with a private room. Terry and I were discussing the progress of his case and his future. After hearing the TLAF Radio show with David Moxley and CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret), I had to remind myself of just what Terry did. You see, after working with him for more than 20 months, traveling, calling, interviewing, and writing about him, it was and is easy to become relaxed with him as a friend. It is easy to overlook the gravity and value of his decision.

This is made eminently clear to me when I've put some of you on the phone with him. We have had, over the year, a number of citizens who have taken in upon themselves to communicate Terry's case and the reason for Terry's decision to all kinds of groups. Occasionally I've conferenced them in with Terry. Hearing their admiration and excitement when they hear Terry's voice is at once astounding and humbling. I have direct access to Terry as a friend. We talk frequently, many times a week.

But I need to be reminded of what he has accomplished and the value of his decision. He was the first of what has become a chorus of challenges. From every part of the country and world individuals, and now law enforcement officials, concerned about our country and Constitutional integrity, have stepped up to challenge what in every way appears to be a breach of our constitution.

Jim Bridge, of Hear Us Now USA, has created five videos of Terry's Story. Please watch all five videos and assist Terry and family financially in these last couple of months. Click here for the first video.

Hear Us Now USA is an alternative New Media company and an event management firm. This interview is the first in a series to bring interesting people championing important causes to the attention of the American people. Our subjects are the kind of people Americans want to know about, as opposed to the MainStream Media bias-driven entertainment and news so many of us can no longer tolerate. If you would like to air this interview on your website, click here. The subscription fee for this video is $250. Hear Us Now USA pledges 20% of all Lakin Interview subscriptions to the Terry Lakin Action Fund.


LTC Terry Lakin with Jim Bridge of Hear Us Now USA.

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