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Prison Diaries Prison Diaries: Dec 31, 2010: Christmas Greetings

Prison Diaries: Dec 31, 2010: Christmas Greetings


Dec 31, 2010

Hope you are well & hope family had a great Christmas and will have great new year.

I'm having a great time! [smiley face] Can't complain too much, just trying to be the best inmate I can be. Still in the 'SHU' special housing unit. Pretty close to max custody – SHU lock up 20-22 hours/day. 1-2 hour release 1-2x/day to common area to shower, play games, use phone, or tasked to clean sweep/ mop units or empty cells. Have not been in outside air for 12 days now.

Meals are pretty good – through the slot in the door & we have 20 minutes to choke it down. About half way through my Bible (my first time really reading it) and another book my brother gave me before being shackled – Inspiration, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Book dovetails well with spirituality with God – and seems to hit home on my course of action too. Not sure if my brother intended or understood that – would like to ask him. I'm not sure he read it – as he has no free time – but I know he has read many previous Dyer Books.

Wow! Just got today's mail – big stack. Maybe a hundred letters! Lucky guess – 105 letters & NIV study Bible!
Terry Lakin

Pili has been the only one I am allowed to call (collect) so far, hopefully in the next month I can get my approved phone list of numbers expanded. Even writing is limited. I was only allowed so many envelopes (10) to use. I only have 3 left after this to last until the end of the month. Only 4 pages max per envelope

I received nearly 50 great letters/cards from people. Only allowed to keep <20 in my cell. They are all so great and inspirational I wish I could reply to all – but that would be impossibly just for supplies. And this tiny rubber pen is hard to write with [smiley face]. I will try & write to some though.

Feel free to share this with Pili, Greg, & Ducky. Maybe others with some editing. Save it for me for my scrap book upon my release.

Wow! Just got today's mail – big stack

Maybe a hundred letters!

Take Care!


Lucky guess – 105 letters & NIV study Bible 

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