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Prison Diaries Prison Diaries: Jan 3, 2010: Pili Lakin's Visit to Kansas on Jan 1-3, 2010

Prison Diaries: Jan 3, 2010: Pili Lakin's Visit to Kansas on Jan 1-3, 2010

From Pili Lakin's Visit to Kansas on Jan 1-3, 2010

* I arrived on Friday, late afternoon, kids in tow.

* We saw Terry on Friday from 3:25-4:00

* The kids hugged him and kissed him. They were happy to see him.

* The kids were apprehensive. They had seen prisons in cartoons and TV clips and were concerned about their dad.

* After seeing Terry they felt better because they know where he is and that he looks good.

* We visited to discuss plans and the big ad in the Washington Times

* On Saturday we saw him for 2 hours in the morning and afternoon.

* Greg joined us for the last hour.

* Greg met with Terry on Sunday morning to discuss personal matters.

* The kids and I saw him Sunday afternoon.

* We said goodbye this morning (Monday).

* The visiting area is a big break room.

* We sit at an assigned table.

* The kids could bring a few toys and card games.

* Talked about what we’ve been doing.

* Terry finally has money in his account for supplies and phone calls.

* The prison experience has intrigued Terry.

* He is learning the stories of fellow inmate is stricken with the inequalities of justice.

* Some of the inmates know of him are surprised to see him there.

* The computer system allows them write clemency letters but they cannot store it. So they have write letters and print them out then start again.

* He has finally been able to get outside on Sunday. At 6pm it was dark but it felt good to get fresh air.

* Everyone wears the same garb: Tan pants and brown shirts.

* His work will be in the library as a librarian. They get one day off their sentence for each month of work.

* There are two prisons. He is in the minimum security prison.

* He has received many letters. All encouraging.

* One senior office, while delivering mail, said "These are from your fan club and you're famous." Terry told him, "I never wanted to be famous." He said if didn't work there he would be writing to Terry, too.

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