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We now have a case from Maryland with some merit.
Tracy Fair has worked systematically and diligently to prepare a case that she may take all the way to the Supreme Court. It may seem hopeless. However, as long as some court is willing to listen, as long as someone is willing to work, as long as we have the freedom to pursue justice, we must keep trying.

Please review Tracy's hard work. She has systematically built her case.

And she has found a way to move this case forward for less than $3000. Not hundreds of thousands, but just $2200. Follow this link to help her:


Terry Lakin Homecoming Event: May 14, 10:30 am

gal2_1300256714Many of You Asked To Welcome Terry Home so Let's Welcome Him Home with a Big Crowd!

Terry will be returning to Baltimore on May 14, 2011, at around 10:30am. We would like to have a couple of hundred people on hand to greet him and welcome him home.

Here are details:

  • DO THIS FIRST: We request that you pre-register your attendance. Why? We need approximate counts for the BWI security teams and we need to be able to communicate with you via email and/or text if there are any changes. (Note that will only provide counts, not names).  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER:
  • We will meet in the Southwest Airlines Baggage Claim area at about 10:15 am on Saturday, May 14. The precise final location will be posted about 48 hours prior. NOTE: It is important that you DO NOT go up to where the arriving passengers enter the terminal. They want that area clear.
  • Baltimore Washington Airport has ample, affordable parking.  Follow this link for general parking information: We suggest you just use the Hourly Garage because of its proximity to the airport terminal.

  • There are no less than about 20 hotels within a mile or so of the aiport.  Follow this link for a list of the hotels:

  • Need a Ride or Have a Ride to Share? Click here for our rideshare form.  If you have ride to share please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Include your name, email, phone number,  city of origin, departure day, and how many seats you have.

What to Prepare:

All we ask you to do is bring a home-made poster that says, "Welcome Home Terry." or "Thank You Terry" or any appropriate messages about the issue. Bring a small US flag if you have one.

What will Happen:

You will all gather in the baggage claim area around 10am on Saturday, May 14, 2011. Representatives will be there to answer questions and guide you to the correct location. We will text the coordinators when we deplane so you can all get ready to greet Terry as he descends on the escalator to baggage claim. We need a big hurray and lots of applause (of course). He may say a few words. Then we'll get him to his luggage, to his car, and home.

After the Event

Terry will be leaving the airport and heading directly home. Those who wish to gather for lunch afterwards please check the site. We will choose a restaurant in or near the airport.

Consider Making a Special Gift of Support for His Family

Please consider making a special gift at this critical time. We have been able to provide for the family's monthly expenses, but contributions have dropped off since the release of the proposed birth document by the Obama administration. Click here for the support page.

We can tell you he was quite encouraged that so many wanted to welcome him home so now is the time to step up and register.

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